Phonner's Pocket Projector

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Go Big or Go Home? Not In This Case!

Our Pocket Projector is the best choice for any film lover, who wishes to enjoy the whole cinematic experience in the comfort of their own home, and paying only a fraction of the cost of a complete entertainment system!

Connect to almost ANY DEVICE!

Thanks to its features, you can take this tiny, high-quality projector anywhere you want, and connect it to almost any device - From a phone to a console!

Turn any-place to your own movie theatre whenever you want!

Due to its built-in speakers, and high-resolution picture, this device is PERFECT for dates, movie nights with your kids, chilling with your homies, and even camping!

And WAIT - There's more!

  Since it supports up to 16.7 Million colors, this projector is amazing for gaming, and even giving school/work presentations!



  • Amazingly Bright - 600 lumens & 800:1 contrast that rival high-end LED TV
  • Actual Movie Screen Ratio (4:3)
  • Can literally fit In your Pocket - Dimensions: 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches
  • Supports up to 16.7 Million Colors
  • Connect Any Device - HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD, TF card connections
  • Lasts for Years - 30,000 hours of lamp life 
  • Projection Distance: 2.6-6.5 ft / 0.8-2.0 Meters (for best performance)
  • Native 320x240 image

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